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All music written, composed and produced by Tracey Chattaway

Producers: Tracey Chattaway, Daniel Chattaway

Mastered By: Andrew Edgson, Studios301

Artwork, Design & Website: Daniel Chattaway


Thanks to:

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that this music venture would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of one significant other, Daniel Chattaway. Thank you for wholeheartedly investing into this project. Your unending dedication and ability to solve technical issues, as well as your creative genius in all things visual, never cease to astound me! Mostly, thank you for journeying through these humble beginnings and giving me courage to release my creations into the wild.

Secondly, to my secret audience of one, Kerry Southern. Thank you for listening to my song demos, through all the awkward stages of the writing process. Your continual encouragement and feedback was huge for me and you were very much a part of this project.

Also, thanks to Sebastian Spanache (Sebastian Spanache Trio) for your hugely helpful Nord Stage tips.

And finally, thank you to Andrew Edgson (Studios301) for your genius in mastering my eclectic creations.